Hi, I’m Kathryn.

or Katie.

I am many things: passionate about culture, a people-first leader, strategic, imaginer of new futures, a darn-good analyst, tackler of big problems. I don’t fit into a specific bucket or category.

My journey has taken me from working at a start-up consulting company in San Diego, to studying in Spain, working for a credit card company in DC and now back to Minnesota. For the time being. Place is of critical importance to me, I’m inspired by my surroundings and the energy of the environment I inhabit.

Along the way, I learned that my superpowers are  envisioning a different future, building relationships and finding connections between disparate ideas and people. I love any opportunity to explore what should be and bring it back to tangible steps to take today – whether it’s an individual figuring out their next career move, or a large organization taking on an ambitious transformation.

I stand for inclusion and equality, being a whole human, owning your story (even the tough parts) and leading with love.